WGCF Awards

Award is defined as a mark of recognition in honor of an achievement. Does your club have a special project, person or achievement? Please consider applying for a Wisconsin Garden Club Federation (WGCF) Award. Applications may be as simple as completing the pdficonYearbook-Related Awards Application with a brief description of why a project is eligible for an award. For example, a club with an outstanding horticulture program evident in its yearbook may apply for the Ruth West Horticulture Award simply by filling out the form. Other awards have more extensive application requirements including Flower Show awards requiring a Book of Evidence. A Book of Evidence may include photos, descriptive text, publicity, etc. to provide the award committee a complete picture of why the activity, achievement or person is worthy of an award. Only garden club members may apply for awards.

The Awards Committee is responsible for judging and selecting recipients for WGCF Awards as well as selecting and forwarding applications for National Garden Club Awards. The WGCF Awards Committee is composed of the Chair and one assistant appointed, the WGCF Yearbook Chair, seven District Awards Chairs and such WGCF Chairs as the Awards Committee considers necessary.

The Awards year runs from January 1 through December 31. Unless specified under the award, all applications must be sent to the WGCF Awards Chairman by December 1 of each year. All deadlines must be honored. The WGCF Awards chairs present the awards at the annual convention. Specific information for each award is available here: pdfWGCF Awards Procedures.

Please submit award applications to Awards Chair Laura Skoff (414-614-6489).



  • Lydia Schafer Award Given to an individual for distinctive achievement and/or service to WGCF
  • Bronze Award Presented to a non-member for exceptional & outstanding accomplishments in any field that advances WGCF objectives
  • Creative Horticultural Achievement Award Presented to a member who has made outstanding contributions to creative horticulture
  • Garden Club of the Year Presented to the Garden Club whose achievements do the most to promote the objectives of WGCF
  • Ruth West Horticultural Award Presented to the club having the most outstanding horticulture program throughout the current year
  • Conservation Award Presented to the club having a year of well-balanced conservation activities, including a field trip and overall excellence program
  • Wisconsin Civic Achievement Award Presented to a club, clubs or district for a civic achievement in one of these categories: Civic Achievement, Preservation of Beauty, Operation Wildflower, Rustic Roads & Historic Trails
  • Natural Disasters Award Presented to the most comprehensive program of Natural Disasters (International or U.S.) aid
  • Program Award Presented to the club submitting three completed typewritten and dated programs on the same subject which have been researched by one or more members and presented during the current club year
  • Leona Sharpe Wilmeth Memorial Therapy Award Presented for the most outstanding program in garden therapy
  • Kuether District Membership Award Presented to the District having the greatest percentage of increase in membership
  • Pat Dvorak Yearbook Theme Award Presented to the Club with the most effective use of a theme displayed throughout their yearbook
  • Larkin Life Membership Award Presented to the District having the greatest percentage of increase in Wisconsin Life Memberships
  • Design Award Presented to the club having the most outstanding design program for the club year, this may be programming for the entire year or one or two exceptional programs
  • Wisconsin Landscape Consultants’ Council Award Presented to the garden club which made the most significant contribution in providing, planning and planting for one of the following projects: Commercial Property, Church, Public Building, Park, Waterfront, or Other
  • “And-Then-Some” V.I.P. Award Presented to an individual from each District for willingness to serve, giving a little extra, and then some, to accomplish WGCF goals
  • Seeliger Environmental Education Award Given to a local, district or state federated garden club, having an activity or project in an area of environmental awareness
  • Murken Memorial Scholarship Award Presented to the District that gives the greatest amount of money per capita to the Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nancy Gotham Endangered Species Award Given to the garden club with the most comprehensive program/s on any endangered specie(s) whether it be bird, mammal, fish, insect or plant
  • Knox Visibility Award Presented to the club that displays the most outstanding visibility promoting garden club objectives through event(s)/project(s) achievement(s) from January 1 to December 31.
  • Hopp Media Award This award recognizes a media production selected to record a club activity, encourage new membership, document club history, and/or promote any other WGCF objective.

Award Recipients