President’s Message

Welcome to the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation!

I am proud to be the President of Wisconsin Garden Club Federation.  This group has goals where we look to make the world a better place by creating a healthy environment and protecting our environment.

Our plants and trees are important because they help to provide food and shelter for us and the animals.  Our groups focus on different aspects of the environment including saving the pollinators, air quality, water quality, and beautification.

We are a non-profit organization, and a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., which is the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world.  We have 40 Clubs and a total of over 1000 members throughout the State of Wisconsin.  We are looking to grow those numbers and to share our knowledge.

Our goal as a National Organization is to Plant America.  One of the ways we can do that in the State of Wisconsin is to focus on replacing trees that were lost recently in the areas.  Trees are important for air quality, a healthy environment, and habitats for the animals.  By working together throughout the state, we can make a larger difference.

We offer several different schools for courses in landscaping, environment, gardening, and floral design.  This allows versatility and variety in the events and to continue to learn.

Working together on projects or learning more about the different things offered in the schools is more fun if you can share it with your friends.  We are always looking for more friends too that will Garden for Good!

Lynne Ehnert
Wisconsin Garden Club President

Wisconsin Garden Club Federation

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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