Special Projects

Little Sprouts for Saplings: 2019-2021 Project

Proposed by WGCF President Lynne Ehnert

This term we plan to “Leaf Out Wisconsin” with a project called “Little Sprouts for Saplings”.  We have lost many of our trees in Wisconsin because they have been damaged, with disease, by weather conditions, and pests. The plan is to work with the youth to plant trees and replace many of trees that we have lost within the state. Each district can work in their own area.  In doing so, we will support the NGC Plant America Theme, our garden clubs partner with our youth to develop interest in the environment, educate our youth, we will replace, replenish and help with reforestation.  We will also have a publicity opportunity to show how much fun we are having by posting pictures to our website.  At each of the district meetings, we brainstormed ideas for connecting with youth and getting trees for the project.   To have a little fun with the project, there is a contest.  The contest details are:

  • Contest Dates: 6/15/19 – 5/1/2021
  • Age of Youth: <= Age 18
  • Points Awarded:
    • One Point for planting a tree
    • One extra point if tree is planted in a public place
    • One extra point if tree is planted with youth and a picture is posted WGCF website
  • Pictures to be posted to WGCF Website (don’t forget release is needed)
  • Winner: Determined by the greatest % of trees / club member based on 5/21 membership
  • Winner to be announced at WGCF Convention

Each club will report the number of trees planted to the District Director for each Exec Meeting (February, June and October).