St. Croix River Crossing

2017-2019 WGCF Presidents’ Project


Loop Tail, Blue Star Marker, Gardens


After a 60 plus year wait, and years of negotiation, a badly needed bridge was built between Minnesota and Wisconsin over the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.  As part of this construction, a five mile, walking, biking trail, called the Loop Trail, was created.  Peggy Grubbs,  WGCF president, realized that there was a wonderful opportunity for the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation to be involved in several aspects of this project.  Beginning in June of 2016, Peggy Grubbs, Susan Johansen and Carol Howe, all members of the Willow River Garden Club, began working with representatives from St. Croix County to see how we could collaborate together.  The idea of putting in a Blue Star Marker and garden at the Loop Trailhead to honor our veterans, was embraced by St. Croix County officials.  The results of WGCF’s efforts can be seen at the Trailhead.