Hillary Grace Healing Garden

Hilary Grace Healing Garden Now OpenHilary Grace Entry

Thanks to the generous donation of many the Hilary Grace Healing Garden is now open.  The garden provides an area of respite and relaxation for patients, families, and the people who care for them.  WGCF participated with monetary donations and skill and expertise in planting the many containers featured throughout the garden.

Patient surveys testify to its importance:

I LOVED the garden area outside my room & family visits out there were amazing.

(WE WENT OUTSIDE) to the Healing Garden (it felt GREAT).  THANK YOU!

The garden also was a huge help to be able to go out there and see it out my window.

Hilary Grace Healing Garden Article

Background of the Project

The Wisconsin Garden Club Federation (WGCF) Project for the 2015-17 term of office is supporting the creation and maintenance of the Hilary Grace Healing Garden at UW Hospitals & Clinics in Madison. The garden began with a donation from Ms Grace’s family to create a respite for patients and caregivers during their time at the hospital. Green environments reduce anxiety and blood pressure while speeding surgical recovery and helping people cope with stress. The garden, located on a third floor rooftop, is currently under construction with the grand opening expected in spring 2016. The WGCF donations will help to purchase plantings and maintain the garden. We will be recognized on the garden’s donor wall.

garden plan with signage

While the UW Hospital and Clinics is a regional medical facility, serving patients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, we also want to give back to local communities. For every donation, sent to the WGCF, one-half of the monies will be set aside and returned to the district of origin for a “Gardening for Good” project in their own communities. Each district will then decide how to spend their money. Members may also donate on-line directly to the Hilary Grace Healing garden through the UW Foundation. However, since this money goes directly to the garden, we cannot return half of it to the districts. The options for donations are as follows.

1. Send a check to WGCF treasurer Lynnette Rakun, in subject line write “Gardening for Good” and indicate the WGCF district for credit (half of money goes back to district)
2. Donate on-line: In Inscription Information write “For WGCF” to give credit to WGCF (all of money goes to Hilary Grace garden)

For more information, please contact the project co-chairs Jan Dixon  or Nancy Sloan. Thank you for your support of this wonderful

This hummingbird is a frequent visitor to the garden.

This hummingbird is a frequent visitor to the garden. Photo by Sabrina Mia Bryant.


Gardening for Good with the Hilary Grace Healing Garden at UW Hospital – Madison

First Donation to Hilary Grace Healing Garden photo 2WGCF president Gerianne Holzman, Project Chairs Jan Dixon and Nancy Sloan presented the first WGCF donation of $1500 to Danielle Kamps and Liz Hill of the UW Foundation. Upon the completion of the garden construction, the donated funds will support plantings within the garden.