NGC Awards & Procedures

National Garden Club Awards

Many Wisconsin Garden Club Federation (WGCF) members, clubs and districts may qualify for National Garden Club (NGC) awards. Some awards are first judged at the state or regional levels prior to being forwarded to NGC for consideration. Other awards, such as the NGC Award of Excellence, are bestowed on a non-member of NGC. (All WGCF members are automatically NGC members via their dues.) The Award of Excellence is given to a person or organization providing a significant contribution toward the advancement of the goals of NGC.

Other awards provided to member clubs include recognition of a civic project through the Civic Achievement awards and landscaping provided at a Blue Star Marker through the Blue Star Memorial Landscaping Certificates of Merit. NGC offers awards in many categories from conservation to publications and service. For a complete list of all awards including a brief description, visit the NGC website and search under awards – list or pdficonNGC Awards Procedures.