The Wisconsin Garden Club Federation (WGCF) offers educational opportunities through local club programs, courses and conventions. Along with the National Garden Clubs, Inc (NGC) courses in landscape design, environmental studies, garden studies and floral design/flower show. Offered on a rotating basis, these courses or “schools” are provided approximately every six months for two years with two-days of classroom presentations and tours at each session. Participants may take the classes in any order and do not have to begin with course 1. The NGC standardizes the curriculum to allow anyone to travel around the country to attend a course. WGCF members have the option of taking an exam at the end of each session to become certified as a consultant in each discipline upon successful completion of the four-session courses. Members attending flower show school and passing the required exams have the option of becoming a flower show judge.

Clubs and District Educational Opportunities

Local clubs and districts open their doors to members and the public for informative presentations, tours and discussions. Topics may include new plant varieties, garden pests and diseases, pruning, wine tasting, nature walks through public gardens and arboreta, fun with flowers, dried flower workshops, stepping stones, planters, etc., etc.

State and National Conventions

Spring brings the annual conventions and educational programs at the state and national levels. Nationally known speakers arrive to present topics of interest to gardeners, designers and environmentalists. Tours abound and participants get an opportunity to meet and chat with hundreds of fellow garden enthusiasts.