WGCF Tri-Council is an organization of National Garden Club certified Consultants and Provisional Consultants in Gardening Studies, Landscape Design and/or Environmental Studies.

The purpose of Tri-Council is:

  • To provide continuing education to WGCF members in fields directly related to the mission of WGCF and NGC
  • To enable our members to demonstrate sound practices in gardening, landscape design and protection of the environment, and
  • To be strong advocates for these practices throughout our communities.

WGCF sponsors schools in the disciplines of gardening, landscape design and the environment with curriculum designed by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

  • Each school offers four courses during two successive days, and are scheduled each Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter over two consecutive years. Courses are taught by professors and professionals in the respective fields of study, and prepare members to become consultants in these fields upon successfully completing all four courses.
  • Schools are hosted in Wisconsin communities and made available to garden club members, and the public, across the State.
  • Cost is kept to a minimum as the WGCF is a non-profit organization. Affordable lodging is negotiated for out-of-town participants.

WGCF tricouncil summer tour 2015Tri-Council meets twice annually. In addition to a business meeting, the Tri-Council provides seminars and tours of interest to its members. All garden club members are welcome to attend the tours and seminars. The Tri-Council meets at the WGCF Annual Convention in spring and in the Summer/Fall for a tour related to one or more of the disciplines: landscape design, gardening study or environmental studies. Officers of the Tri-Council are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

For additional information contact Vern Lowell, Chairman or 608-335-2079.