Preparing Entry Cards

Preparing Flower Show Entry Cards
Flower show personnel may order premade entry cards from National Garden Clubs (NGC) through the on-line store: (search: flower show entry cards). Alternatively, entry cards may be personalized using the fillable entry card form, printed on sturdy paper or sent electronically to flower show exhibitors. Information to complete the entry card is available in the flower show schedule.

Flower Show entry cards must include the following information.
1. Name of Flower Show
2. Date of Flower Show
3. Division Number (Design, Horticulture, Special Exhibits – as indicated in flower show schedule
4. Section Number – subcategories under each division – as indicated in flower show schedule
5. Class Number – subcategories under each section – as indicated in flower show schedule
6. Entry Number – each exhibitor is assigned a unique number by the flower show entries chair
7. Botanical and common name for horticulture entries, class name for design or special exhibit entries
8. Exhibitor name – can print or use address label
9. Exhibitor address
10. Exhibitor club
The flower show judges complete the entry card, when judging, by marking the entry as first, second, third place or honorable mention.

Flower Show Entry Cards