Organize a Club

Do you love gardening? Planting and caring for vegetables, flowers, and so on? Have friends or neighbors with similar interests? Do you want to learn more and assist your community? Start a garden club!

How do you start a garden club?
1. Plan an organizational meeting in your home or in a community center.
2. Select a time and day that is convenient for you and those you plan to invite.
3. Send out invitations and advertise the meeting in a local newspaper.
4. Plan an interesting program.
5. Organize your group, select officers and write bylaws. (The Wisconsin Garden Club Federation (WGCF) parliamentarian helps with writing bylaws.)

Requirements for federating your garden club
• Bylaws approved by WGCF parliamentarian
• Pay your dues

Member clubs pay annual per capita dues of $10 for individual membership to the WGCF treasurer by June 1. This payment includes National Garden Clubs, Inc. dues of $1.00 and an electronic subscription to Wisconsin Gardens. Paper subscriptions to Wisconsin Gardens are $10 per year including postage and handling.

For more information about organizing a club, contact the WGCF district director in your area or the WGCF Parliamentarian Kitty Larkin